Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a broad category of computer software solutions that enables a company or organization to gain insight into its critical operations through reporting applications and analysis tools.

Business Intelligence is a combination of one or more of technology, processes, and mathematical models on available data to make informed business decisions. Data warehouse is the foundation for business intelligence.

We expertise in Business Analysis and Data Mining to offer services in architecting the right Management Dash Boards and Business Intelligence (BI) tools. The BI process could be set up for various Business functions including Billing, Inventory management, sales orders, customer relationship management, financial management or Employee Skill Matrix, Competency tracking, etc.

And we could put together all your critical and decision point data into meaningful representations – Graphical, Textual or Tabular, making it easy for making Business Decisions.

BI usually has 3 parts to it.

Data Collection - Extract, Transform and Load

Collect data from heterogeneous data sources like transactional data, reference data, market data etc., transform the data into a structured format to comply with the business needs and load them into traditional data warehouse. ETL is the most important part of a Data warehouse project simply because it prepares data and organizes them in a manner that can be used effectively by the presentation layer. It involves

  • Data correction including bad data, format issues, missing data.
  • Unifies data from disparate sources into one format.
  • Structures data that could be queried easily.

Build OLAP / Analytics

Create an OLAP on top of the data warehouse and run analytics using various tools according to business needs. The KPIs and performance indicators are more specific to each business which drives their decisions. Hence KPIs and metrics are identified that matters to the business based on which the analytics are created.

Reporting Dashboards

Create reports from the OLAP cube or the data warehouse or related data marts for business needs. The data in the data warehouse can be sliced and diced according to their dimensions to deliver user specific results that form the basis for key business decisions. For e.g. A Manufacturing Company, uses their historical sales data trying to identify their customers purchase pattern of their products during specific seasonal sales or promotions. It helps them forecast how many units of their products might be required for their upcoming seasonal event.